XP: Experience Points

Gaining XP

There are 3 primary methods of acquiring XP:

  • 1) New Character XP: New Characters begin play with 13 XP that they can spend before game.
  • 2) Per Game XP: At the beginning of any game you receive XP for the weekend based on how many games your character has attended.
Number of Events XP gained per Event
1-5 4 XP
6-10 2 XP
11+ 1 XP
  • 3) AP Purchases: You may also gain XP buy spending [[xp#ap|AP]] at a rate of 10AP = 1XP. A max of 2 XP may be gained this way per game.

Spending XP

You can spend XP in various ways to develop your character

  • Buy Skills: You may buy skills from your Strain List, your Profession Lists, or from the Open Skill List.
    • Remember, after character creation, in order to learn new skills from your Profession Lists or the Open Skill List you will need a teacher with the Teach skill to spend 5 minutes per XP point of the skill you want to learn, to RP teaching you.
  • Buy Body or MP: Spending 1 XP and 10 mins roleplaying appropriate training, will buy you 1 Body or 1 MP
  • Buy a new Profession: Spend 10 XP and 30 mins learning from a teacher who has that profession.
  • Profession Concentration: 30 XP and other prerequisites

AP: Assistance Points

Gaining AP

AP can be gained in various ways:
Method of Earning AP Typically Awarded
Extra NPC shifts 10AP per hour
Donating needed items 1AP per $1 of value

Spending AP

AP can be spent in various ways:
AP Points Spent Benefit Received
10 1 XP (max 2 per event)
50 48 hour meal card (max 2)
50 Basic Brew (non-recipe)
75 3 local currency
75 3 Basic Scrap
75 3 Basic Herb
150 3 Uncommon Herb
150 3 Uncommon Scrap
150 Uncommon Strain (See your local branch to find out what is available)
250 3 Rare Herb
250 3 Rare Scrap
250 1 Named Scrap
250 1 Named Herb
250 1 Scrounge-able Gizmo
250 1 Produce (Unique or Standard)
300 Rare Strain (See your local branch to find out what is available)
400 Basic Still, Forge, Basic Work Bench, Basic Kitchen, or Printer's Table
450 Teacher for a basic Skill or Profession
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